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U ovom članku spominje jednom i taj hipotetski eter:

About thirty-three years ago
Maxwell, following up a suggestive experiment
made by Faraday in 1845, evolved
an ideally simple theory which intimately
connected light, radiant heat, and electrical
phenomena, interpreting them as beingall
due to vibrations of a hypothetical
fluid of inconceivable tenuity, called the
. No experimental verification was arrived
at until Hertz, at the suggestion of
Helmholtz, undertook a series of experiments
to this effect. Hertz proceeded with extraordinary
ingenuity and insight, but devoted
little energy to the perfection of his oldfashioned
apparatus. The consequence was
that he failed to observe the important
function which the air played in his experiments,
and which I subsequently discovered.
Repeating his experiments and reaching
different results, I ventured to point out
this oversight.

Što je autor htio reći i koju posluku porati?
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