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da samo citiram sto mi je jedan Norvezanin napisao

Most Norwegians do not understand the language situation in their own country. These are the simple facts, those who disagree do not know what they're talking about.

1. Bokmål is historically the Dano-Norwegian vernacular of the higher classes, today it is spoken by approximately 20% of Norwegians, most notably by the urban middle class in Eastern Norway.
2. The remaining 80% speak ordinary Norwegian dialects
3. When Norway got its independence from Denmark in 1814, Danish was the only written language. Nynorsk was developed in the 1850s and 1860s as a Norwegian alternative, it got official status in 1885, and was gradually adopted by municipalities around the country over the following 60 years. Nynorsk is systematically based on all Norwegian dialects, but it is not identical to any one of them.
4. In 1907 Danish was officially reformed in order to reflect the Dano-Norwegian vernacular, now known as Bokmål.
5. Today, 15% of the population write Nynorsk, mostly in Western Norway, though not in major urban areas like Bergen. 85% write Bokmål, though the majority of these speak dialects which are more similar to Nynorsk in their basic structure.
6. Swedes may be more familiar with Bokmål, but tests show that they actually understand Nynorsk better. This is because Swedish is closer to Norwegian than to Danish.
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