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Dionice Ne zaboravi na stop-loss

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Old 20.12.2016., 18:27   #1621
Najbolje je da ih Đuro dokapitalizira po nominali...........
My satisfaction always came from beating the market, solving the puzzle, the money was the reward, but it wasn't main reason I loved the market............
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Old 21.12.2016., 09:52   #1622
Dakle đuro nije imao nikakve šanse

The Government of Kuwait has requested a possible sale in support of its recapitalization of 218 M1A2 tanks,
to include two hundred and forty (240) .50 Cal M2A1 machine guns; four hundred and eighty (480) 7.62mm
M240 machine guns; two hundred and forty (240) AN/VRC-92E SINCGARS radios; and one thousand and
eight five (1,085) AN/PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles. Also included is the incorporation of cooling
system/thermal management systems; Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station (CROWS) II
" I only know of two men who really understand the value of gold - an obscure clerk in the basement vault of the Banque De Paris and one of the directors of the Bank of England. Unfortunately, they disagree".
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