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Synagogues and towns CROATIA

The Jewish community in Croatia numbers around 2500 members. They live in 10 distinctive Jewish townships.

The largest community is in the capital of Zagreb. Their headquarters are in Palmoticeva 16. At the same address you will find a synagogue, an art gallery, a Holocaust research and documentation center and the largest Jewish library in the Balkans, named after rabbi Lavoslav Sik. Another community, called Bet Israel, operates on Mazuranicev Trg 6. It also has its own synagogue and library. A large number of Jewish tombs can be found at beautiful Mirogoj Cemetery.

The synagogue of Split has been dated to the early 16th century, but archaeological findings proved Jews existed in the city more than 400 years before. It is located in what is known as Zidovski Prolaz (“Jewish Passage”), a small street in the north-western part of Diocletian’s Palace. Even today, the quarter where it’s located is known as the “ghetto” by residents. On the eastern slope of Mt. Marjan lies a large Jewish cemetery with calligraphy-inscribed tombstones.

In Rijeka Jews attend their religious services in their Orthodox synagogue, which was built in 1928. It is one of the rare Jewish religious objects which were not damaged or destroyed during or after World War II. Today it is considered a cultural monument by Rijeka’s authorities and is under protection. It is located at Ivana Filipovica 9. There is also a Jewish section in the new Kozala Municipal Cemetery, featuring more than 500 monuments with the status of a historic landmark.

In the 14th century, Spain ordered the expulsion of Jews from its soil and many took refuge in the city-state of Ragusa (today the Croatian city of Dubrovnik). A Jewish ghetto was established in a single street, today known as Zidovska (Jewish Alley). It is located in city’s center, bordering with the famous Stradun. It is interesting to note that the houses of Zidovska were connected with hidden passages which were commonly used to protect valuables and members of the community. Around 200 Jewish tombstones can be found on Boninovo cemetery. In 1667, a large earthquake damaged Dubrovnik’s walls, and some tombstones were used to repair the ruptures.

Osijek used to have a large Jewish community in the past, but unfortunate events in the last century paid their toll. The headquarters of the community are stationed in the former Jewish school at Radiceva 3 (right across the park with a sculpture called “Mother and Child,” dedicated to the victims of Holocaust and made by Oscar Nemon). Osijek’s main synagogue was destroyed in World War II. A smaller synagogue situated in Osijek’s Lower Town was sold to the Pentecostal community and serves as its Church. However, the Jewish cemetery at Cepinska Street is in good condition and still in service today.

The Jewish community of Cakovec can be found at Travnik 28. Its cemetery, considered a historical landmark and under the protection of town authorities, is still active. In Daruvar, the local synagogue was converted to a theatre and the cemetery is under the personal protection of the Jewish community (which resides in Vinogradska Street).

Koprivnica Jewish cemetery has five family mausoleums, some even inscribed with Hebrew. Monuments to the Jewish warriors of World War I and that Holocaust were erected. The community can be found at Frankopanska 19. The Jewish community in Slavonski Brod resides in Brace Radic Street 25, while the one in Virovitica can be found at Zvonimirov Trg 10/2. Its cemetery in Shlomovica Street has almost 200 religious monuments, but many of them were damaged during the Homeland War. Their restoration is scheduled.

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