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Old 04.03.2006., 11:56   #1
Smile Pjesme koje volimo

Počet ću s pjesmom koja mi je i dala povoda da otvorim temu. Ili bolje rečeno dijelićima te veoma dugačke pjesme, neznam dali ju znate. The rime of the ancient mariner. Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Beyond the shadow of the ship,
I watched the water-snakes:
They moved in tracks of shining white,
And when they reared, the elfish light
Fell off in hoary flakes.

Within the shadow of the ship
I watched their rich attire:
Blue, glossy green, and velvet black,
They coiled and swam; and every track
Was a flash of golden fire.

O happy living things! no tongue
Their beauty might declare:
A spring of love gushed from my heart,
And I blessed them unaware:
Sure my kind saint took pity on me,
And I blessed them unaware.

The self same moment I could pray;
And from my neck so free
The Albatross fell off, and sank
Like lead into the sea.
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Old 04.03.2006., 12:40   #2
Dakle ukratko. Radi se o tome da jedan stari suhonjavi morplovac vedrih očiju priča o "doživljaju" na moru. Jednom dok su plovili, on je ubio albatrosa koji je pratio brod i to je donijelo nesreću (barem u očima nekih od mornara).
Nestaje vjetra, kiša ne pada, sve u kurcu, brod stoji na mjestu, čitava posada ugiba i dok on tako jedne večeri među svim tim trulim leševima i izgubljenim dušama posmatra water-snakes, dakle vrtloge vode iza krme dolazi do klimaksa pjesme koji sam prenio u gornjem postu.

Čitava pjesmica je tu:

i svakako je "pročitajte"

Za kraj jedan citat JL Borghesa:

"I think that if a poem is really great, you should think of it as having written itself despite the author. It should flow”
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:08   #3
Eh da, jeli možda netko primjetio da i "najgluplji" ljubavni pjesmuljak dobije na veličanstvenosti kad se sluša kao izraz pjesnika upućen Onoj Jedinoj Ljubavi

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Old 04.03.2006., 13:15   #4
IRON MAIDEN : "Rime of The Ancient Mariner"

Hear the rime of the ancient mariner
See his eye as he stops one of three
Mesmerises one of the wedding guests
Stay here and listen to the nightmares of the sea.

And the music plays on, as the bride passes by
Caught by his spell and the mariner tells his tale.

Driven south to the land of the snow and ice
To a place where nobody’s been
Through the snow fog flies on the albatross
Hailed in god’s name, hoping good luck it brings.

And the ship sails on, back to the north
Through the fog and ice and the albatross follows on.

The mariner kills the bird of good omen
His shipmates cry against what he’s done
But when the fog clears, they justify him
And make themselves a part of the crime.

Sailing on and on and north across the sea
Sailing on and on and north ’til all is calm.

The albatross begins with it’s vengeance
A terrible curse a thirst has begun
His shipmates blame bad luck on the mariner
About his neck, the dead bird is hung.

And the curse goes on and on at sea
And the curse goes on and on for them and me.

’day after day, day after day,
We stuck nor breath nor motion
As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean
Water, water everywhere and
All the boards did shrink
Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink.’

There calls the mariner
There comes a ship over the line
But how can she sail with no wind in her sails and no tide.

See...onward she comes
Onward she nears out of the sun
See, she has no crew
She has no life, wait but here’s two.

Death and she life in death,
They throw their dice for the crew
She wins the mariner and he belongs to her now.
Then...crew one by one
They drop down dead, two hundred men
She...she, life in death.
She lets him live, her chosen one.

’one after one by the star dogged moon,
Too quick for groan or sigh
Each turned his facce with a ghastly pang
And cursed me with his eye
Four times fifty living men
(and I heard nor sigh nor groan)
With heavy thump, a lifeless lump,
They dropped down one by one.’

The curse it lives on in their eyes
The mariner wished he’d die
Along with the sea creatures
But they lived on, so did he.

And by the light of the moon
He prays for their beauty not doom
With heart he blesses them
God’s creatures all of them too.

Then the spell starts to break
The albatross falls from his neck
Sinks down like lead into the sea
Then down in falls comes the rain.

Hear the groans of the long dead seamen
See them stir and they start to rise
Bodies lifted by good spirits
None of them speak and they’re lifelesss in their eyes

And revenge is still sought, penance starts again
Cast into a trance and the nightmare carries on.

Now the curse is finally lifted
And the mariner sights his home
Spirits go fromhe long dead bodies
Form their own light and the mariner’s left alone.

And then a boat came sailing towards him
It was a joy he could not believe
The pilot’s boat, his son and the hermit,
Penance of life will fall onto him.

And the ship sinks like lead into the sea
And the hermit shrieves the mariner of his sins.

The mariner’s bound to tell of his story
To tell this tale wherever he goes
To teach god’s word by his own example
That we must love all things thaat God made.

And the wedding guest’s a sad and wiser man
And the tale goes on and on and on.

"If you call upon the Gods and they answer, who is there to oppose or to challenge the integrity of your Path?"
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:18   #5
Baphomet kaže:
IRON MAIDEN : "Rime of The Ancient Mariner"
Judas Priest: "Jugulator"

Now let's see what you're made of
He is coming, you can't run
Violators that get caught
Will wish that they'd never been born

You are dead

Sharpened razor
Takes your head

Predit hater
You are trapped

Your neck snapped

Jugulator he is near
Attracted by the stench of fear
Part demonic part machine
Hungry and it's time to feed

Iron claws and fangs of steel
Dripping from his tasty meal
Now it's time to jugulate
Feel your skull disintegrate

Jugulator killing time now
Reaches in and rips your spine out

Big mistake

Rib cage break

Flesh and bones
Are massacred


ah kakva neusporediva suptilnost izrazaja i simbolike
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:20   #6
Lame Deer kaže:
Eh da, jeli možda netko primjetio da i "najgluplji" ljubavni pjesmuljak dobije na veličanstvenosti kad se sluša kao izraz pjesnika upućen Onoj Jedinoj Ljubavi
Prema samom sebi.
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:23   #7
Baph, znao sam za tu stvar od Iron Maidena, dobro da si ju postao kao svojevrsni sažetak. Samo što maidenova obrada "ne hvata" ni blizu finese originala. Npr. ovo:

And I blessed them unaware.

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Old 04.03.2006., 13:24   #8
Lame Deer kaže:
Eh da, jeli možda netko primjetio da i "najgluplji" ljubavni pjesmuljak dobije na veličanstvenosti kad se sluša kao izraz pjesnika upućen Onoj Jedinoj Ljubavi

jedna ljubavna iz bahmacharye


The stars are blotted out,
The clouds are covering clouds,
It is darkness vibrant, sonant.
In the roaring, whirling wind
Are the souls of a million lunatics
Just loose from the prison-house,
Wrenching trees by the roots,
Sweeping all from the path.
The sea has joined thefray,
And swirls up mountain- waves,
To reach the pitchy sky.
The flash of lurid light
Reveals on every side
A thousand, thousand shads
Of Death Begrimed and black-
Scattering plagues and sorrows,
Dancing mad with joy,
Come, Mother, come!
For Terror is Thy name,
Death is in Thy breath,
And every shaking step
Destroys a world for e'er.
Thou 'Time', the All-Destroyer!
Come, O Mother, come!
Who dares misery love,
And hug the form of Death,
Dance in Destruction's dance,
To him the Mother comes.

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Old 04.03.2006., 13:26   #9
Enchantress kaže:
Prema samom sebi.
Hehe. Ili kad slušaš sve što ljudi govore i čine kao da se odnosi na tebe
Jel se može to ikako progurat pod "meditacijsku tehniku" ?

Egoizam do bola, neki bi rekli
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:31   #10
Lame Deer kaže:
Jel se može to ikako progurat pod "meditacijsku tehniku" ?
Može ako se shvati što je to "sebe".
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:33   #11
Lame Deer kaže:
Hehe. Ili kad slušaš sve što ljudi govore i čine kao da se odnosi na tebe
Jel se može to ikako progurat pod "meditacijsku tehniku" ?

Egoizam do bola, neki bi rekli
Kad ničega osim nas nema... Kad sam sve JA - gdegod da pogledam i kamo god da se okrenem... I samo se igram sa nepreglednim oblicima sebe.

Sad bi i ja trebalo da ponudim neku pesmicu, ali se nijedne prigodne ne mogu setiti.
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:35   #12
Himzo Polovina - Zaplakala stara majka Džafer-begova

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Old 04.03.2006., 13:36   #13
Citam Vivekanandine pjesmice (trazeci onu naletio na stranicu), mozda nisu umjetnicki vrhunac al bas mi se svidjaju


Behold, it comes in might,
The power that is not power,
The light that is in darkness,
The shade in dazzling light.

It is joy that never spoke,
And grief unfelt, profound,
Immortal life unlived,
Eternal death unmourned.

It is not joy nor sorrow,
But that which is between,
It is not noght nor morrow,
But that which joins them in.

It is sweet rest in music;
And pause in sacred art;
The silence between speaking;
Between two fits of passion --
It is the calm of heart.
It is beauty never seen,
And love that stands alone,
It is song that lives un-sung,
And knowledge never known.

It is death between two lives,
And lull between two storms,
The void whence rose creation,
And that where it returns.

To it the tear-drop goes,
To spread the smiling form
It is the Goal of Life,
And Peace -- its only home!
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:38   #14

What though thy bed be frozen earth,
Thy cloak the chilling blast;
What though no mate to clear thy path,
Thy sky with gloom o'ercast --
What though of love itself doth fail,
Thy fragrance strewed in vain;
What though if bad o'er good prevail,
And vice o'er virtue reign --
Change not thy nature, gentle bloom,
Thou violet, sweet and pure,
But ever pour thy sweet perfume
Unasked, unstinted, sure !
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:39   #15

The wounded snake its hood unfurls,
The flame stirred up doth blaze,
The desert air resounds the calls
Of heart-struck lion's rage.

The cloud puts forth it deluge strength
When lightning cleaves its breast,
When the soul is stirred to its in most depth
Great ones unfold their best.

Let eyes grow dim and heart grow faint,
And friendship fail and love betray,
Let Fate its hundred horrors send,
And clotted darkness block the way.

All nature wear one angry frown,
To crush you out - still know, my soul,
You are Divine. March on and on,
Nor right nor left but to the goal.

Nor angel I, nor man, nor brute,
Nor body, mind, nor he nor she,
The books do stop in wonder mute
To tell my nature; I am He.

Before the sun, the moon, the earth,
Before the stars or comets free,
Before e'en time has had its birth,
I was, I am, and I will be.

The beauteous earth, the glorious sun,
The calm sweet moon, the spangled sky,
Causation's law do make them run;
They live in bonds, in bonds they die.

And mind its mantle dreamy net
Cast o'er them all and holds them fast.
In warp and woof of thought are set,
Earth, hells, and heavens, or worst or best.

Know these are but the outer crust -
All space and time, all effect, cause.
I am beyond all sense, all thoughts,
The witness of the universe.

Not two nor many, 'tis but one,
And thus in me all me's I have;
I cannot hate, I cannot shun
Myself from me, I can but love.
From dreams awake, from bonds be free,
Be not afraid. This mystery,
My shadow, cannot frighten me,
Know once for all that I am He.

pih ljubav, pih
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:41   #16
Lame Deer kaže:
Baph, znao sam za tu stvar od Iron Maidena, dobro da si ju postao kao svojevrsni sažetak. Samo što maidenova obrada "ne hvata" ni blizu finese originala. Npr. ovo:

And I blessed them unaware.

Palo mi je na pamet da bi bilo zgodno to postati kao usporedbu

No, ako govorimo u duhovnim pjesmama trenutno mi je jedna pala na pamet koja me prilično pogodila dok sam je čitao. Užasno mi je zlokobna i bliska, vrag će ga znati zašto...

Valjda sam pogodio temu

William Butler Yeats : "Drugi dolazak"

U kružnicama kružeći sve širim
Ne čuje više soko poziv sokolara;
Stvari se raspadaju; središte ne drži;
Anarhija se razuzdala svijetom,
Diže se plima zamućena krvlju
I obred nevinosti posvuda se gasi;
Najboljima manjka svako uvjerenje,
Najgori su puni intenzivne strasti.

Jamačno, otkrovenje nam se bliži;
Jamačno, Drugi Dolazak se bliži.
Drugi Dolazak! Tek izrekoh riječi,
Kad golema mi slika iz Spiritus Mundi
Zablješti zjene: u pustinjskom pijesku
Lavovsko tijelo ljudske glave pilji
Pogledom praznim, okrutnim ko sunce,
I valja spora bedra, dok se oko njega
Razlijeću s grozom sjene ptica pustinjskih.
Opet se spušta mrak: al sada znadem -
Dvadeset stoljeća se kamenoga sna
Budi u zipci, što ih je odnjihala
Da vide moru. I kakva surova zvijer,
Kad konačno joj kucnuo je čas,
Sad puže prema Betlehemu da se rodi?
"If you call upon the Gods and they answer, who is there to oppose or to challenge the integrity of your Path?"
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Old 04.03.2006., 13:43   #17

Ever rising, ever falling with the waves of time,
still rolling on I go
From fleeting scene to scene ephemeral,
with life's currents' ebb and flow.
Oh! I am sick of this unending force;
these shows they please no more,
This ever running, never reaching,
nor e'en a distant glimpse of shore!
From life to life I'm waiting at the gates,
alas, they open not.
Dim are my eyes with vain attempt
to catch one ray long sought.
On little life's high, narrow bridge
I stand and see below
The struggling, crying, laughing throng.
For what? No one can know.
In front yon gates stand frowning dark,
and say: `No farther away,
This is the limit; tempt not Fate,
bear it as best you may;
Go, mix with them and drink this cup
and be as mad as they.
Who dares to know but comes to grief;
stop then, and with them stay.'
Alas for me, I cannot rest.
This floating bubble, earth--
Its hollow form, its hollow name,
its hollow death and birth--
For me is nothing. How i long
to get beyond the crust
Of name and form! Ah, open the gates;
to me they open must.
Open the gates of light, O Mother,
to me Thy tired son.
I long, oh, long to return home!
Mother, my play is done.
You sent me out in the dark to play
and wore a frightful mask;
Then hope departed, terror came,
and play became a task.
Tossed to and fro, from wave to wave
in this seething, surging sea
Of passions strong and sorrows deep,
grief is, and joy to be.
Where life is living death, alas! and death--
who knows but `tis
Another start, another round of this old wheel
of grief and bliss?
Where children dream bright, golden dreams,
too soon to find them dust,
And aye look back to hope long lost
and life a mass of rust!
Too late, the knowledge age doth gain;
scare from the wheel we're gone.
When fresh, young lives put their strength
to the wheel, which thus goes on
From day to day and year to year.
'Tis but delusion's toy,
False hope its motor; desire,nave;
its spokes are grief and joy.
I go adrift and know not whither.
Save from this fire!
Rescue me, merciful Mother,
from floating with desire!
Turn not to me Thy awful face,
'tis more than I can bear,
Be merciful and kind to me,
to chide my faults forbear.
Take me, O Mother, to those shores
where strifes for ever cease;
Beyond all sorrows, beyond tears,
beyond e'en earthly bliss;
Whose glory neither sun, nor moon,
nor stars that twinkle bright,
Nor flash of lightning can express.
They but reflect its light.
Let never more delusive dreams
veil off Thy face from me.
My play is done; O Mother,
break my chains and make me free!

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Old 04.03.2006., 13:45   #18

If things go ill or well-
If joy rebounding spreads the face,
Or sea of sorrows swells-
It is a dream, a play.
A play- we each have a part
Each one to weep or laugh as may;
Each one his dress to don-
Alternate shine or rain.
Thou dream, O blessed dream!
Spread far and near thy veil of haze,
Tone down the lines so sharp,
Make smooth what roughness seems.
No magic but in thee!
Thy touch makes desert bloom to life,
Harsh thunder, sweetest song,
Fell death, the sweet release.

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Old 04.03.2006., 13:49   #19

O'ver hill and dale and mountain range,
In temple, church, and mosque,
In Vedas, Bible, Al Koran
I had searched for Thee in vain.
Like a child in the wildest forest lost
I have cried and cried alone,
"Where art Thou gone, my God, my love?
The echo answered, "gone."
And days and nights and years then passed
A fire was in the brain,
I knew not when day changed in night
The heart seemed rent in twain.
I laid me down on Ganges's shore,
Exposed to sun and rain;
With burning tears I laid the dust
And wailed with waters' roar.
I called on all the holy names
Of every clime and creed.
"Show me the way, in mercy, ye
Great ones who have reached the goal."
Years then passed in bitter cry,
Eacch moment seemed an age,
Till one day midst my cries and groans
Some one seemed calling me.
A gentle soft and soothing voice
That said 'my son' 'my son',
That seemed to thrill in unison
With all the chords of my soul.
I stood on my feet and tried to find
The place the voice came from;
I searched and searched and turned to see
Round me, before, behind,
Again, again it seemed to speak
The voice divine to me.
In rapture all my soul was hushed,
Entranced, enthralled in bliss.
A flash illumined all my soul;
The heart of my heart opened wide.
O joy, O bliss, what do I find!
My love, my love you are here
And you are here, my love, my all!
And I was searching thee -
From all eternity you were there
Enthroned in majesty!
From that day forth, wherever I roam,
I feel Him standing by
O'ver hill and dale, high mount and vale,
Far far away and high.
The moon's soft light, the stars so bright,
The glorious orb of day,
He shines in them; His beauty - might -
Reflected lights are they.
The majestic morn, the melting eve,
Teh boundless billowing sea,
In nature's beauty, songs of birds,
I see through them - it is He.
When dire calamity seizes me,
The heart seems weak and faint,
All natures seems to crush me down,
With laws that enver bend.
Meseems I hear Thee whispering sweet
My love, "I am near", "I am near".
My heart gets strong. With thee, my love,
A thousand deaths no fear.
Thou speakest in the mother's lay
Thous shuts the babies eye,
When innocent children laugh and play,
I see Thee standing by.
When holy friendship shakes the hand,
He stands between them too;
He pours the nectar in mother's kiss
And the baby's sweet "mama".
Thou wert my God with prophets old,
All creeds do come from Thee,
The Vedas, Bible, and Koran bold
Sing Thee in Harmony.
"Thou art," Thou art" the Soul of souls
In the rushing stream of life.
"Om tat sat om." Thou art my God,
My love, I am thine, I am thine.


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Old 04.03.2006., 13:50   #20

Let us go back once more, O mind, to our proper home
Here in this foreign land of earth
Why should we wander aimlessly in stranger's guise?
These living beings round about,
And the five elements,
Are strangers to you, all of them; none are your own.
Why do you so forget yourself,
In love with strangers, foolish mind?
Why do you so forget your own?

Mount the path of truth, O mind! unflaggingly climb,
With love as the lamp of lightyour way.
As your provisionon the journey, take with you
The virtues, hidden carefully;
For, like two highwaymen,
Greed and delusion wait to rob you of your wealth.
And keep besides you constantly,
As guards to shelter you from harm,
Clamness of mind and self-control.

Companionship with holy men will be for you
A wellcome rest-house by the road;
There rest your weary limbs awhile, askingyour way,
If ever you should be in doubt,
Of him who watches there.
If anything along the path should cause you fear,
Then loudly shout the name of God;
For He is ruler of that road,
And even Death must bow to him.
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