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Old 15.01.2009., 15:33   #1
Pravila igre društvenih igara

Kupila sam igru "Who's the richest" i dobila sam sranje od uputa. Ništa ne piše, a sve što piše nema veze s igrom. Pretražila sam dosta stranica s uputama za igre na engleskom i njemačkom, ali kao da nitko nikad nije čuo za nju. Ugl. igra je kao Monopoly, samo s državama bla bla...Gdje da nađem upute? Ako ne za to, bar za monopol na hrv. da ne moram prevodit!
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Old 15.01.2009., 15:36   #2
krivi pdf

probaj potražit na netu JOŠ,nemoguće je da nema detaljan opis
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Old 15.01.2009., 15:38   #3
Pa na netu sam i tražila...
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Old 15.01.2009., 16:51   #4
zašto bi bio krivi pdf

nisam našla ono što ti tražiš, al sam našla slike što je netko skenirao monopol pravila
slika1, slika2

edit: ok, vidim da je na srpskom, al bolje i to nego na engleskom
ich vermisse dich wie Verrückt - du bist gegangen aber nicht vergessen
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Old 18.01.2009., 03:56   #5
Who's the Richest? - Art.No. 3315
"To be the richest to travel around the world"
Publisher: Hong Kong manufacturer with Reg.No.9710074.3 - ±2001
Dimensions of the box: 25.8 x 40.7 x 3.3 cm
of the white case: 19 X 26 X 3 cm
The game:
The sight of this kind of "travel edition" makes immediately thinking of the Polish edition EuroBusiness, Nr.Art.23708 that was "made in China". The resemblance between these 2 games is that large that they must come from the same manufacturer. Both editions do also produce an Uncle Pennybags, to suggest a relation with Parker Brothers. In this edition he travels around the board in a plane.

The bottom part of the white case contains the little game board on the small ends of which are trays for the banknotes. In the middle of the board is a tray Lucky Pool and a red pointer over a space with figures from 1 to 6 and 3 outer sections:
red = unacceptable
yellow = acceptable = you may build 1 house and pay the amount to the bank
free = you may build 1 house for free

This arrow acts as a die to move over the board.
The lid part of the case also has a red spinner. This acts as a Chance space. In addition are another 4 little trays and "openings" for the 40 plastic pegs in the colors red, yellow, green and blue and 10 red houses. There are 4 tokens (or better: flyers) shaped as colored plastic airplanes.

The 28 spaces of the little board show 10 European countries, from Go onwards a space showing the nations' flag, followed by one showing a landmark:
Australia - Sydney's operahouse - Belgium - Manneke Pis - Canada - Niagara Falls - Denmark - Mermaid - England - Big Ben Clock - France - Eiffel Tower - Germany - Heidelberg Castle - Holland - windmill - Italy - Leaning Tower of Pisa - U.S.A. - Statue of Liberty.

Houses can be built on the properties with a flag. However, if you may build depends on which part of the circle the arrow points out when you turn the arrow. In proof a peg of the same color as your airplane has to be put in the opening next to the flag on the space of the board. In addition another peg must be placed in the lid section next to the letter of that country and next to that a house as well. For the second and third house this house must be removed to the next openings. This is the way your properties are determined and there is no need to collect streets of a color group. Besides you have to consider next points:
On the "landmark space" next to your own property one has to pay or get paid (!) but this is business for the banker.
Even if you are sent back to Go you will receive 100 $!
In case you land on one of the 4 "Try your Luck" spaces, you must rotate the spinner in the lid section. There you run the risk of paying or receiving. All these transactions run via the "Lucky Pool" tray on the centrefield of the game board.
You may own 5 properties at the maximum.
When you land on a space with flag without having sufficient capital you still may turn the arrow counting on the possibility of landing on the free section.

The game is over the moment one player runs out of money.
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Old 22.04.2012., 19:38   #6
Kupila sam igricu Sinovi sahare ali su pravila katastrofa, uopće ne možemo skužiti kako se igra!!! Zna li tko šta o toj igri?
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