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Trash PM

Prije nekoliko minuta sam od novoregistriranog korisnika Sindo (dotični ima "ukupno" nula postova) primio slijedeći PM:

International Olympic Sports Forum


Hi general,

I’m M***** S*****, a sport fan from Italy. I have seen you are a Croatia sport fan, who follows a lot of competitions with Croatian athletes and teams involved.

Some weeks ago, together with a Chinese man, I have started a multi-sport forum for multi-sport fans, a forum where we try to follow every international competition: for example next weekend we will follow Athletics events, Canoeing European Championships, FIVB World League, and a lot of other sport events. On the forum there is one section for every Olympic sport, so all sports are on the same level, football is not more important than taekwondo or triathlon. The main aim is to let people discuss about all sports, so that sport fans can always be updated about their favourite sports. Also, if you support your country’s athletes, you can support them and always be updated about their results.

We are particularly focused on London 2012 Olympic Games. In fact, we keep our users updated about Olympic qualifications day by day, making summaries of qualified quota and athletes for every sport.

We have opened it few week ago so we are about 300 users right now, but we hope to develop week by week and to be a lot more by this summer, when a lot of important sport events will be in progress. We are searching for some Croatian fans who loves their country’s athletes and who love sport and Olympic Games.

Would you be interested to take part in that ? Obviously it’s free and we don’t ask you to come a lot of hours per week, it will be up to you, it depends on how much you like it and how much time you will have, you can come one hour per year or several hours per week. Also, we will be searching for staff so if you are interested and you like the project there should be no problems to let you enter in the staff. But you can help us even just being a simple user, commenting on the forum and supporting Croatian athletes around the world.

If you are interested, this is the forum:

This is what we mean, for example, for Shooting Olympic Qualification Overview:, where you can see that Giovanni Cernogoraz and Snjezana Pejcic have qualified a quota place for Croatia.

If you want, this is our facebook’s fan page:

I hope you like the forum
I’m waiting forward for your answer and I hope to see you soon on Hottestsports, where you can register and start posting.

Thank you very much.

Ne bi bilo loše da modovi puknu bann dotičnom "M*****".

Zadnje uređivanje Spectre : 25.06.2011. at 12:06. Reason: Micanje imena na zahtjev
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Old 11.06.2011., 11:00   #2
a sto te tocno sprijecilo da kliknes na trokutic gore desno u privatnoj poruci??
kako inace da mi znamo tko kome sto salje?
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Old 13.06.2011., 07:37   #3
ZgSash kaže: Pogledaj post
a sto te tocno sprijecilo da kliknes na trokutic gore desno u privatnoj poruci??
kako inace da mi znamo tko kome sto salje?
A što tebe sprečava da budeš malo kulturniji? Enivejz, eno, kliknuo...
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